with Karina Grant


Alchemy for the Soul
Elena Amara


Spiritual Architecture

with Chris Kalavashoti

Million Doors


There are a Million Doors of perception, which lead to one singular divine truth
– Unity Consciousness.

Elena Amara

We are so excited to see Elena Amara‘s work!
Fantastic. The Soul of Elena Amara is embodied in her entirety which is the Alchemy of The Soul
To hear Elena’s transcendental experience, Gong and chanting.
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Sam Huskings

An amazing woman with a POWER-FULL message of hope! I am a Survivor.
Friday at 10 am we will be hosting the AMAZING Sam Huskings on Million Doors Podcast Platform!!
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Evan Yiangou

As one of the directors of Million Doors i would just like to say a large THANK YOU to all of our guests for their heartfelt contributions. For stepping up and sharing their message, experience and expertise in their experience, of life, to date.

Joanna Gregory

This was such an adventure. We can’t tell you what we had to all go through to get this done, and we won’t, just know, none of us gave up, and here it is!!!
Thank you so much. Joanna Gregory you DELIVERED.
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DJ Konetix

This young buck is one to watch. At 20 years of age, his DJ skills and studio work are second to none.
Let’s support his expansion as he is earning his stripes. DjKonetix
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Such a great experience bringing vibes and great energy - will be keeping on them and listening to everything they bring!

Ben CooperDJ

Dom & Evan are absolutely amazing !It Was real pleasure to share a sample of my life journey with both .👌🏽
Those 2 are genuine and honest ! 💯%
I'm looking forward for another Podcast .
Time is going so fast when we are all connected!! 😊
Thank you very much for having me on Milliondoors .💛🙏🏽👊🏾💥

Alex Rabia

Oh wow!!!! What an incredible, beautiful, transformative and sacred experience it has been recording and sharing space with you guys!
Ev and Dom, you are such wonderful, accommodating, warm and encouraging people! I love the chemistry of both of you together and the laughter and joy it brings within the recording process, which put me at ease.
I’m so excited to listen to more of your upcoming episodes and to watch your platform flourish and grow in even Brighter and Better ways!
So blessed for this opportunity and connection and such an immense pleasure!
Very very special! 😊😊😊😊😊🌍🙏🏼💗

Joanna Gregory

I was invited to speak on one of their podcast episodes and had such a pleasant, fun, interesting and spiritual experience. I was made to feel so welcome by Evan and Dom, starting off with a chat and a grounding meditation before the recording began. It felt like such a safe space, like being held and cared for at the same time. I've also listened to some of their past podcasts and they are really interesting, done so professionally but in a down to earth way that anyone could relate too. Thanks so much guys, it was an absolute pleasure. Looking forward to hearing our podcast online and listening to more of your fabulous shows 🙏🏽😊

Lazy Hammock

This morning I have had an amazing experience with Million Doors. Positive energy and beautiful recording. I felt safe and inspired talking with Evan Yiangou and Dominic Hall I am looking forward to our continuing friendship. Thank you very much. I am truly grateful and blessed to know you both. xx

Sam Huskings

What energy from these guys! Great people, great intentions...big love x

Joe Swords


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Million Doors

Guests from a wide range of fields and disciplines are invited to share insight and experience from their journey to date. Learn, Grow, Teach, Repeat.

Dominic Hall & Evan Yiangou

Guests from a wide range of fields and disciplines are invited to share insight and experience from their journey to date. Learn, Grow, Teach, Repeat.


Discussion on growth, development, life and spirituality. Engaging conversations with vibrant leaders around the globe.