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Missee Sue

My name is Missee Sue & I recently have celebrated 20 months of recovery from heroin, methamphetamines & benzodiazepines. The mug shot on the left is me in 2016. I was once again blacked out on drugs & arrested for the 9th time that year. I had already been lost in the drug culture for over 15 years & in homelessness for 3 years.

I started my journey into sobriety with only the clothes on my back & without a clue how to be present in this life. I’ve come a long way since then in rebuilding my entire existence from scratch starting at the lowest levels of the 3rd dimension.

All of the belief constructs that I adopted in early recovery eventually began to weigh me down in the evolution of my spiritual awakening. Like all tools & bridges they could only take me so far toward my highest potential. After overdosing & dying for the 5th time in 2018, I realized that I had to find a way to release these out-dated beliefs if I was going to survive on this planet.

Thus began my work in what I call, “Ascending Addiction”. The releasing in labels of “addict” & the belief that I was born with an incurable disease passed down to me through my lineage. Instead I now believe the healing energy on the planet has never been more potent than it is right now & it is increasing every single day. We now have access to a clearing & healing energy on a cellular & DNA level & it is our birthright to claim it.

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