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Elena Amara blessed us with her Goddess grace. Such an honour to have Elena feature on the Million Doors platform. We really had to work to make this happen so apologies for the delay in publishing! Please enjoy and share the journey with us and we thank you for all of your support.

Cultural Repression and finding your power

Guest Biography
Elena Amara is an Artist / Expressive Art Facilitator, shamanic healer, Gong master, Singer and sound therapist. She will be discussing how she perceives the true meaning of life, and the secret to happiness and success.

Elena has spent 25 years using her passion for creation to manifest all her dreams into reality by tapping into source and energy, which has allowed her to always remain present and feel her way through life.

Elena is a true believer that if it doesn’t feel right we should always trust that feeling, every time she went against her intuition she would fall away from her true purpose and her life would turn upside down.

By staying in the natural flow of life and keeping a positive outlook on every situation Elena explains how we can heal our body, mind and soul by raising our vibration and learning to master ourselves. Elena has become aware that by doing this inner work it simulates this effect on others and can empower every living soul that we ever encounter.

She will share her story on how after painting her very first blue Goddess, she became a channel for spiritual art which effortlessly flows through her veins. Her journey then unfolded into Gong therapy, singing and chanting which she uses to facilitate sound healing.

She Try’s her best to live by this everyday adding laughter and playfulness, believing that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously because when we lose our child innocence, life becomes dull and we can lose our magnificence and magic.

Elena’s favorite Quote is:

‘Celebration is my religion, love is my message and silence in my truth’ 

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