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Julia Riewald delivered an abundance of powerful information, condensed into one hour!

BA & Economics background and an international career in Customer Service & Project Management in Telecoms/IT.
Julia decided to take a career break to raise her 3 children and watch them grow up. The corporate career never gave Julia the fulfilment that she craved. She started her own business to follow her passions:

· Health
· Life (style)
· Mentoring

Now a self-employed Health Coach, founder of “Power from Within” and “Stepup Health”, owner of a global mentoring business, public speaker and Business Development Manager.

Julia’s core belief: “Your Health = Your Wealth”.
Her Mission: Inform and educate as many people as possible about the choices they have.

Her Vision: Empower others to make the best decisions for them based on their personal life goals and science.
Julia works within a holistic approach and specialises in Microbiome/Gut Health and Nutrigenetics/DNA Lifestyle testing.

She works 1-2-1 supporting Corporations educating their staff and assists Senior Executives leading a more balanced and healthier life.

Elevating health is not ‘popping a pill’. It is a lifestyle decision everybody can make by knowing how to opt for better choices every day.

Live, Love, Learn and leave a Legacy (Dan Higginson) – we can all do it.


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