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Joe Swords absolutely nails this interview in so many ways. This gent is a massive part of the formation of the New Earth. If you are all about change, growth, development and the healing of the world then I suggest that you get your ear into this and check out the work that Joe is doing.

To conclude, Joe is a humble, modest, detached human being that has deeply moved us throughout this episode.

Thanks Joe!


Joe Swords

Looking to better understand and embed the principles of connectivity. Being relatively early in to a journey of spirituality and learning about how my past conditioning has affected my current openness to change and subsequent speed of change. Most importantly, I am seeking to understand the connection between the physical world – what we do, speak, eat, breathe – and how it embeds itself spiritually and mentally.

I’d love to discuss our connection to nature and the earth, why sustainable and minimalist living is so vital to a healthy spiritual growth from the fact that All is One. I’ve just read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and New Earth by Eckhart Tolle – and it’s made me very aware of the historical and cultural conditioning that makes spiritual advancement so important. Once we realise we are all different sides of the same coin (or rather, a million doors, leading to the same answer)…as Ram Dass says, we are all walking each other home.

We hope you’ll enjoy spending an hour with this exceptional young man as much as we will.

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