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Sam Huskings

Sam Huskings is a mother of two children, a senior support worker in brain injury care, a BTEC Level 3 qualified instructor in Conflict Management, Management of Violence and Aggression, and Self-Defence, and she runs her own training provision business supporting educational and healthcare institutes in the North West.

Sam is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Her abuse began when she was twelve years old at the hands of her stepfather, and continued until she was seventeen. She miscarried her first child at fifteen years old, and gave birth to her eldest son when she turned seventeen.

She entered into a domestically abusive relationship with a man, as a way of escaping her sexual abuse. After escaping from her partner, Sam made the decision to bring her stepfather to court. After enduring a two-year wait, her stepfather was found guilty by jury, and sentenced to seventeen and a half years.

Sam works closely with the Survivors Trust, attending conferences and discussion groups developing models and supportive guidance, to help improve services, such as the police and NHS.
Sam has a survivors’ page on Facebook to help and support others who have, or are going through, what she endured as a child. Sam has a positive outlook to life with a passion to help others.


Below is Sams link for her fundraising event, please feel free to support her by donation. Any amount will be restfully received.

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