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Hi I am Heather and I am 21 years old.
In the past I have suffered greatly with mental health problems. These consumed my life and identity.
I was in hospital for 4 years, as a result of this I missed out on the majority of my teenage years.

After copious amounts of relentless work, I have finally reached a strong, consistent place of mental fortitude.
Now that I have moved out of this space I am now able to find gratitude for the suffering that I experienced in the past, as I can see that this was the catalyst for who I have now become.

I hope to be able to share my truth in order to help others and inspire thought. The stigma attached to mental health is still prevalent in society and the only way to break the cycle of stigma is through the art of conscious communication and by being honest with each other, as we hold an open mind whilst sitting in compassion.

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