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Tom’s life revolves around three things: 

  • Exploring his physical potential 
  • Understanding natural environmental laws 
  • Enjoying what is given to him by virtue of the universe

After spending a number of years dreaming of becoming a professional cyclist, I realised that there was so much more to explore than just my own physical potential. I still train and race at a high level to this day, but instead of choosing that avenue, I turned on to a dual carriageway. 

Upon spending three years at the University of East Anglia studying climate change, I understood what I truly wanted to learn, explore and work towards. I’m now at the tail-end of a Masters in Climate Change and International Development, and am deeply entrenched in understanding how we, as a society, culture and species, can save ourselves from tragic self-extinction. 

Soon, the time will come for me to dedicate my life in working to find solutions to our self-inflicted environmental challenges. I believe these solutions will be surprisingly simple – but simplicity is something that we have been conditioned to dismiss. 

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