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Lucie Burns aka Lazy Hammock

Background music produced, written and recorded by Lucie Burns aka Lazy Hammock.

Lucie Burns is an inspirational Music leading Industry Performance and Mind-set coach, Author and Founder of ‘Stage Ready Artists.’ She works with musicians and creatives, helping them to overcome their fears, master their mind-set and unlock their true performance and creative potential so they can step on stage and shine.

Lucie, also known as the artist, music producer and songwriter Lazy Hammock, embarked on her most successful music project to date after hitting a block in her life 13 years ago. About to give up on music, the artist name Lazy Hammock popped into her head after a meditation session. Already on a journey of self discovery and transformation she decided to set herself some serious intentions knowing she could become the creator of her life rather than just a passive bystander.

Since that time she’s been signed to the label Diventa Music, has written and produced 10 albums, had her music licensed to CBS, Sony BMG, Ministry of Sound and EMI, her tracks feature on 2500+ compilations with her music being streamed over 6 million times on Spotify alone, and she has topped the World Chill Lounge charts 4 times. Lucie will be talking to us about ways in which we can start to unlock our creative potential.










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